We have extensive experience in the defence of allegations of murder and
manslaughter. We appreciate that cases of this nature will always require an
advanced level of skill and knowledge due to the complex issues that may arise
at trial. Our expertise in this area ensures that we offer the very highest of
level representation to individuals faced with prosecution for this most serious

Some of the cases we have been involved in include:

R v N – charged with shooting of his best friend
R v T – Walthamstow
murder of Lithuanian man – acquitted
R v T – (juvenile) shooting in Canning
Town – acquitted
R v Guney solicitation to murder – acquitted

Drug offences

We have acted in numerous trials relating to large-scale conspiracies to
supply and import cocaine and other prohibited substances. Prosecutions of this
kind inevitably involve extensive surveillance, the interception of telephone
traffic and lengthy police intelligence operations.  Our team are skilled in the
interpretation of the high volume of prosecution material that is served in
offences of this kind. We are also highly experienced in dealing with issues of
public interest immunity during requests for further disclosure.

Sexual offences

We act for people who have been charged with various sexual offences. We
appreciate that these cases are sensitive by their very nature and often involve
defendants who have no prior knowledge of the criminal justice system. All of
our lawyers have experience in this area of law.


We have substantial experience in the defence of serious organised armed
robberies and complex conspiracy allegations. We have acted for defendants in
relation to jewellery store raids, armed cash in transit robberies and major
conspiracies to rob.

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