We offer the following funding options:

Criminal Cases


Legal Aid

We hold a contract with the Legal Aid Agency and are in a position
to offer legal aid to those who meet the relevant criteria. Eligible clients can
expect that the cost of their cases will be wholly or partly paid for from
public funds. If you do not qualify for legal aid you are able to pay privately for your representation and should contact us for an estimate of the likely costs.


Privately Funded

We offer a number of competitive options in respect of private funding. We
pride ourselves on our ability to offer a cost effective and efficient service
to both private individuals and large organisations facing prosecution.

In the event that you are successful in your case and are not convicted, you
will be able to apply for your costs to be reimbursed.


Civil Litigation 


Privately Funded

We offer expert, cost-effective, legal advice and assistance. We pride
ourselves on our efficiency and are happy to discuss funding options and costs
protection at the outset of any proposed action.


Conditional Fee Agreement

With a conditional fee agreement, we would agree not to charge you if you
lost your case. If you were to win we would recover our costs from the other
party. These agreements are often used in conjunction with specialist

‘after-the-event’ insurance policies. Insurance of this kind protects you from
having to pay the costs of your opponent if you lose. We are happy to advise you on the suitability of your case for a conditional fee agreement and offer advice in respect of obtaining relevant insurance.


Public Law

Legal Aid

We are able to offer legal aid to clients who meet the appropriate criteria
for funding under the Legal  Aid Agency's provisions. In the event that you do not meet the criteria there are other
options available.


Privately Funded

As with all our privately funded services we offer a competitive and
efficient service. We are experienced in tailoring our costs to the needs and
resources of our clients.


Conditional Fee Agreement

These are sometimes known as “no win, no fee” agreements. In these
circumstances you do not pay our fees, as we will recover our costs from the
opposing party in the event of success.


Protective Costs Order

A Protective Costs Order is an Order made at the outset of proceedings. If
granted it protects the you by ensuring that you will either not be liable for
the other party’s costs or be liable only for a fixed proportion of the costs in
the event of failure. In the event of success you may be entitled to recover all
or part of your costs from the other party.

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