GCR are leading the fight for blacklisted Construction Industry Workers in their High Court Action against major construction industry firms. The claim relates to the existence of a decades long unlawful conspiracy between major construction companies including industry giant, Sir Robert McAlphine. It is alleged Sir Robert McAlpine and others conspired to amass a database of information against thousands of people that was used to prevent them earning a living in their trade. The suppliers of that information appear to have included not only the major construction companies, but also employment agencies and, perhaps most disgracefully, representatives of major trade unions who acted against the interests of union members and denied them the protection and support they expected. 




The database was uncovered by the Information Commissioners Office following a raid at the offices of the Consulting Association  - a covert organisation paid by the construction industry firms to collect damaging information on workers regarded as "left wing" or "troublesome" - in 2009. Shortly after that raid, a large number of blacklisted workers contacted their unions and their unions solicitors to seek representation in a High Court action. Those workers were told that their unions would not support a High Court claim. GCR was contacted that same year and we happily agreed to represent blacklisted workers and bring a claim. Our legal team is now headed by GCR Partner Sean Curran and Hugh Tomlinson Q.C. of Matrix Chambers.


It is as a result of GCR's commitment and dedication in pursuing this matter, when many others would not, that the case has now reached such an advanced stage. We have worked on and researched this case from the very beginning. We have sent our lawyers abroad to seek and obtain sensitive information in relation to this case and we are confident that no other team of lawyers could possibly possess the volume of information that we now have at our disposal. 




The claim is currently growing rapidly from its inital base of 100, of the 3400 workers, whose details were held by the Consulting Association. We have issued proceedings against Sir Robert McAlpine and we continue to work tirelessly in pursuit of justice for those who suffered due to having been placed on a blacklist without their knowledge. We are happy to represent and advise any individual who needs our help. It should be noted that we will not charge you for our assistance or legal advice, as this action is subject to a conditional fee arrangement - more commonly referred as 'no win, no fee'. 




The first thing you should do is contact us on 0207 275 7788. You will also have to contact the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to enquire if you have an entry against your name on the blacklist. Please note that you should be cautious when dealing with the ICO as they have in the past inaccurately informed individiuals that they do not have an entry in the Consulting Association database. If you feel that the ICO is mistaken or being unnessecarily obstructive, please contact us and we will be glad to help. 


Our lawyers will be happy to assist you with any other query that you may have. 

If you believe your details may be on the Consulting Association Database and wish to explore the possibility of whether you may have a claim please contact Liam Dunne at Guney, Clark & Ryan on 02072757788.

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